Identity: How to Reclaim Your True Sense of Self

Twice lately it’s caught me off guard that my almost twelve year old didn’t know two major things about my life.

“I want to be a writer.” I stated matter of factly to my kids a couple of weeks ago

“I didn’t know that.” my son said surprised.

I rephrased, “Well, I actually am already a writer. I had a blog…” He interrupted me, “What’s a blog?”

I couldn’t believe the boy who’s life I chronicled from birth-Kindergarten didn’t even know that piece of my story.

Yesterday I was painting a huge canvas for my office when he said, “Mom, I didn’t know you could paint. You’re really good!”

It seems over the years, as we’re tucking babies into bed, we can also tuck major parts of who we are away without even realizing it.

This post is about recapturing the essence of who we truly are so we can love our people, our lives, and who God made us to be, more abundantly.

As multitasking moms, career women, and modern day “social-medialites” we can slowly slip away from who we were before we took on those roles.

Labels get slapped on us, we get typecast in life, and we can feel like there’s no use in even trying anything new because we feel defeated before we even attempt it. Who has time for dreaming when there are mouths to feed, a carpool to drive, and clothes to wash?

Without even realizing it, like floating down the shore at the beach, we can look up and we don’t even know who we are anymore and where we are heading in life.

We seem to live at such a hectic pace of going through the motions that we may not even recognize we aren’t becoming who we set out to be.

Yet there’s hope. We can still reclaim the youthful dreams and desires of our hearts that used to beat with expectancy and joy.

So, where do we start? How do we get back to who we were made to be?

Maybe we’ve just gotten off course a little bit? Or maybe we feel lost in the woods. Either way, I believe we start with truth.

Living in the Word will help us to live more fully, love more abundantly, and have the creative energy we need to make change for the better.

Some great verses on finding your identity in Christ:
1. John 1:12: You are a child of God.
2. Ephesians 1:7 You are redeemed, forgiven and full of His grace
3. John 15:16 You are chosen, fruitful, and you have God’s ear for prayer.
4. Romans 6:6 You are crucified with Christ so you don’t have to be slave to sin any longer.
5. Genesis 1:27 You are made in God’s image.
6. Jeremiah 1:5 You are set apart.
7. 1 Peter 2:9 You are a part of a royal priesthood, part of a holy nation, God’s special possession to praise him for bringing you from the darkness into the light.
8. John 15:15 You are no longer a slave but a friend of God
9. 2 Corinthians 5:17 You are a new creation in Christ

10. Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

”Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Fearfully made means you see something that is so overwhelming that you say, “Whoever made this, should not be messed with. Whoever made this should be worshipped.”

So, when we look at creation (including who He designed us to be) we should live out of that awe and reverence toward Him and know He loves us to have created us. He created us in His image! We reflect Him!

He’s given us one life here on earth to steward. If we spend it in self-doubt, repressing our gifts, how will our lives magnify His name and draw others into the abundant life and love He offers through Jesus?

Motherhood has brought me the most happiness, given me the most confidence that I can do anything, but also the most self doubt as, in a way, we are growing as our kids do. Missteps in parenting are a given.

There was always that fear in the back of my mind that my full creativity may never return post mommy brain. I’m now learning that all seasons pass and “once a creative, always a creative.”

Have you ever been in those insecure shoes before?

I’ve drafted some steps to help get myself back on track spiritually and creatively. Do you want to walk with me back to who you were made to be, too?

Remember. I hope to remember where I came from and where I’m going, recapturing my free spirited nature along the way and sharpening my creative skills.

I also need to recall how far God’s hand has brought me to bring me to this place. He is SO faithful to pull us out of the “miry clay, and set our feet upon a rock, and establish our steps.” Psalm 40:2

Do you remember a time in your life when you were more fully YOU than you are today?

Reimagine. I’m reimagining my professional life, although that wasn’t in my 2020 plans and it’s still a creative path. (I’ll be sharing more on how all of this unfolded in a future post).

Has your life been flipped upside down by COVID, too? How are you handling it? Has this been an opportunity for you to grown and reimagine things?

Rest. I’m learning to listen to my body when I’m tired, feeling overwhelmed or stressed. I had no idea until this stay at home/safer at home season how extremely exhausted I was.

How has this season of safer at home been for you? Have you recognized that you needed a slower pace?

Reach. I want to reach old friends and new readers with words of encouragement and the good news of the gospel. I also want to reach out to local friends in a more intentional way through phone calls, texts, coffee, letters, and even Marco Polo.

Is there anyone who may benefit from your encouragement today?

Restore. I would like to restore your faith in me to be consistent and dependable with my writing. I didn’t know the term “ghosting followers” before a few weeks ago, but it’s a thing and I totally did it (unintentionally) with facebook and my old blog.

Side note: Can I be honest with you? Nothing in my life has made me feel more anxious and like a guinea pig than being the first generation to learn to navigate life on social media. To think we are also the first to teach our children’s generation to do the same is also overwhelming. There were pitfalls. There were mistakes. But, as with everything new in life, you live, you learn, you know better, you do better (and you learn to set boundaries!)

Does anything in your life need restoring today?

Rewrite. I am going to rewrite the rules of social media for my life to be a tool for me to use, not for it to rule over me.

I want to be an example for my children of how to use social media with a mission statement in mind, intentionally posting through that lens, and in the process shedding the tendency to react and instead respond to the world in kindness.

Our social media mantra, “We don’t get our identity from “likes” but from who we are in Jesus.

I also want to set limits on how much screen time I allow in my own life so that I can foster more time for creativity.

The enemy of creative thought is interruption and distraction.

Does anything come to mind for your own life when you think of the word “rewrite?” Are there any rules you need to rewrite to help you love the person God made you to be and those around you more abundantly?

Reconnect. It’s time to reconnect with you, by writing in order to serve you, encourage you, and inspire you to live a more authentic and enthusiastic existence.

How can I help you? What topics would you like to see covered?

Maybe you can take some time to write these words in your journal to reflect on where you want to make changes. We are all works in progress! I hope to see you back here next Tuesday to discuss the topic of creating eclectically.

Thanks for reading,

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