Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear

I’ve been all over the place this week, not physically, of course, but my emotions of the times we are walking through.

When July rolls around each year and my middle child’s birthday passes I begin planning our school year. School supplies are purchased, Pinterest boards are started for classroom decor, and Target runs are made to find cute things for pre-k hands to hold from the dollar spot. Eager feelings and excitement start to build as we move toward August and complete projects in my room.

There’s this wonderful tension between wanting Summer to last forever and being ready for a fresh new start.

This year though, the last piece of birthday cake was eaten and I didn’t have a pre-k room to decorate since I’m going full time as the art teacher. It felt kind of funny. I wondered what I should be doing with my time. I decided to join a few art teacher forums on Facebook and I think that was a mistake. It was overwhelming in more ways than one.

I’m a planner by nature and I like to anticipate what’s coming next. I’m not much on surprises and I like to master things before I go public with them.

(I worked myself into a tizzy before I started Kindergarten because I didn’t know how to read when the whole purpose of going was to learn that very thing).

You get me? This not knowing what the year will look like long term has us all feeling a little wonky, I believe.

Teaching K-8 will have a learning curve for me on it’s own apart from the uncertainties and fears of So, this whole career change on the verge of 40 in the midst of a pandemic has had me feeling like I’m trying to walk on a waterbed some days and other days, I remember…

Illustrated by me.

I’m learning through this whole year that taking one day at a time is fine.

Each step I take

You make a way

And I will give You all my praise

My seasons change, You stay the same

You’re the God of all my days

Casting Crowns

I am preparing as I would normally prepare for a school year, 110%, and I’m beginning to pray with the same fervency.

I read a post on Facebook that gave a believer’s perspective as a teacher in these days. It helped me to refocus on Jesus.

Although the realities of COVID do scare me if I’m honest, the fact of the matter is I have been called by the Lord to serve and I have to trust that in Christ I live and move and exist. Acts 17:28 He holds me in His hands. He has called me, He has led me, and He has made the space beneath my feet my mission field.

I hope you’ll join me in praying for our leaders, school board members, principals, superintendents, and politicians. May they be led of the Lord for the good of each citizen. I don’t know how to make the decisions they have to make, but I do know that God grants wisdom to those who ask to receive it (Proverbs 2:6). I pray they will seek Him.

I had intended to write on my personal Bible Study tools and plan this week as I feel being grounded in God’s word will be so imperative with the uncertainties we all face this year.

I’ll leave this link here, as it explains so much about my approach to Bible Study. I learned from Iva, the guest on this episode.

Podcast Recommendation:

During the middle of the school year when things get hectic and I’m “teacher tired,” my greatest wish on those cold Winter mornings is often that I can just sit a little while longer on my sofa, covered up with a fuzzy blanket reading my Bible.

God’s word is a like a warm hug on those hard days and cheerful encouragement on the good days. This school year, I want to combine my physical and spiritual fitness by listening to Through the Bible while I do my morning bike ride.

Bible intake and Fitness are two things I want to continue in this new normal that’s on the horizon. What practices have you developed in this season that you want to carry into the next? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Lauri Hogle says:

    I am a teacher too and I am joining you in the journey to focus on Christ as we face fears and unknowns! I spent today creating videos for online learning scenarios that may happen. Oh Lord, we look to You and trust you as our good and reigning Father!

    God bless you, sister!



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