Three Ways I Organize Our Photos

Parents are the keepers of the memories and the collectors of the fleeting moments during those first few years of our babies’ lives. We have the ability to give the gift of those forgotten early days to our children who will one day want to recall them.

I took it upon myself to be the designated journalist for my family during the season of little sticky hands and squishy cheeks. Then I was good about taking pictures of the everyday with my “real” camera, sorting them, printing them/storing them in albums, and filing them away in monthly folders in my computer.

Those little years, I’ll recall for them by living it again through stories told by pictures.

Then the time came when I switched from being the keeper of the memories to the keeper of their schedules, making sure they did their homework and got to lessons on time.

I quickly morphed into the mom with a camera to a taxi driver helping my kids become who they are meant to be. Rest assured, pictures are still taken, but there’s much less frequency and hardly any social media posting being a respecter of their ages. Lately, most of the time I’m snapping poorly lit photos from my phone to freeze the occasion.

There will be things I don’t remember from the busyness of these years, but they will, so I don’t feel the pressure quite as much to document all of the days for them, but for me instead.

All of that to say, I believe the preservation of our memories is a very precious thing. I’m often asked how I have archived all of the images that I have taken throughout the years. I wanted to share three tips on that very subject today.

Here on the blog, I often encourage you to live fully and for me, snapping a few shots per month of our daily life helps me to count my blessings and look back on all God has done. As we have been at home more this year, I’ve found myself looking back at albums and being so thankful for all of the happy times. And on the other hand, I’ve had to remind myself that I I need to still take pictures even though there is nothing tremendously momentous going on.

3 Ways I Preserve our Memories

  1. Chatbooks. Want a free Chatbook? Use code EMILY_PEYTON_COOK-336X to get your first book free (up to $10) on your first order! I archived my entire catalog of Instagram Images from 2012-2019 last year and am so glad I did. I also have one whole book named after my oldest two kids before their baby sister was born. This took a year to complete as I only ordered 2 books per month, but it was well worth the money and the wait. I also compiled all fo my 2019 iPhone photos into a yearbook. Ideally, I’d like to do 2 of these a year to save time, one in July and one in December. Those are two of my slower times personally and a good time to work on a project. There is currently a sale going on by using the word: GRAND
  2. Shutterfly. Since I’ve stopped posting as much of my kids on social media, I have created year books from Shutterfly with the image from my Nikon camera. This year I used their design service and it was WONDERFUL! I submitted my photos and they did the rest. The time saver was worth everything and it was a relief when I got those photos off of my phone and into an organized book.
  3. Organize Your Digital Files. Make a folder on your computer titled 2020 and add 12 folders within that folder for each month of the year. Drag photos from your camera and phone from that month to that folder so that you’ll have a back up and an easy way to locate seasonal photos,

    I hope these tips help. Take an opportunity to snap a photo of someone or something that brings you joy today.