Creativity Takes Courage

“Creativity takes courage” is one of my favorite quotes. It’s so true. Starting with a blank page can be intimidating, but just like in life, you just have to take the next step in the right direction to add beauty to the world. This is true in writing as well as in art. My first children’s book comes out in less than a month and it has taken an extra measure of courage to send this out into the world because it’s a piece of my personal story of perseverance in creativity. I added 2 photos here to show how much confidence I gained from a Kindergartener who was afraid to take on reading to an art school graduate ready to take on the world. There were a lot of hurdles and challenges between the first and second picture, but I had people who believed in me who made the difference in my life. Who are you encouraging today? Who are you cheering on? You matter to someone in a big way so keep on speaking those en(courage)ing words to your people, your readers, and whoever crosses your path who needs them.