Books Connect Us as a Family

Books have connected our family from the very beginning. When they were little we’d sit in the red rocking chair in their room going through stacks of them, laughing and repeating the phrases. @dollyparton sent them a book in the mail every month until they were 5, this one being a cult classic with my crew. At the end the husband and wife say, “Good Night, Dear.” When we’d visit my Grandmama at the Assisted Living Home at night, my oldest, then 2 or 3 would repeat to all of the residents, “Good Night, Dear,” just as the zookeeper in the book tucked in all of the animals, he was wishing them a good night, too. The catchphrase stuck. Now, when I tuck my kids in, the last thing I say to them is,”Good Night, Dear.” Isn’t it funny how a simple children’s book can impact the culture of a family, even in that happiest little way? Had I never read “Goodnight “Ga-ya ya” as J used to call it, I wouldn’t know the joy of the story I just shared with you.