“Eclectic Emily”: What is it all about?

“Eclectic Emily” is a children’s book about a girl with big dreams, yet she has limitations. Her story is illustrated by events in her childhood that highlight the importance of a persevering spirit. The book celebrates the encouragers in her life who keep her moving forward on a creative path.

This book is for anyone who wants their child to overcome the childhood obstacles of fear, worry, and insecurities about being different through discovering who they were meant to be. Kids can feel small finding their way in a big world and they need examples and role models of real people who can identify with those feelings.

I wrote “Eclectic Emily” with those kids in mind to allow them see a character who walks them through her life as a baby all the way through her high school experience. I felt it was important for the reader to see someone overcome challenges and realize that they are not alone, even though they may sometimes feel that way.

There are the people in the background beneath our wings that encourage us as well as those in our day to day lives who are bolder with their insistence on our persistence. This book is for them as well, to let parents, teachers, and friends know they make a real difference in the lives of the children who struggle with finding their way in the world.

I’ve created resources to help readers use their hands and their minds to create. These resources are free and my hope is that making them together at home or as a class will foster warm memories that will inspire them to make more art on their own.

I listened to a podcast recently that mentioned these three quotes by by Jason Blair. This is the heartbeat of my life and the spark I hope to help light in the people who pick up my book and the activities that go along with it.

The dispositions of an artist are what we need right now...Artists slow down and notice, they are playful and curious…We need creative thinkers more than ever…[Your child] may not grow up to be a fine artist but [through learning about art] may gain the mind of an artist.”

Jason Blair

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