It Ain’t Over ’til it’s Over

Keep Going

When you think your town is too small to accomplish big things.

When no one is liking that post or idea.

When you don’t feel like anyone gets you.

When you feel like giving up.

When fear, discouragement, and doubt creep in.

When bad health is threatening to steal your joy.

When a year just won’t let up on throwing trials and tribulations your way.

Just keep going.

Three months ago I dug my heels in and decided that I would not allow 2020 to be defined by terrible news.

I wanted to look back on this historic time remember and retell how, with God’s help, I pressed on in the face of adversity to add beauty to the world.

Que Celine🎶 “The heart [and the art] must go on and on (in spite of the chaos swirling around it).

We’ve been focusing on Henri Matisse for a week at school. One thing that struck me as I’ve been teaching his story to the students is that he kept going during trying times.

2nd grade art

He was confined to his bed twice during his life with various illnesses, but that didn’t stop him from creating. He made some of his most beautiful artwork from his wheel chair and bed.

7th grade art

He was known as the “King of Color” and he painted with scissors by cutting out large shapes made of painted paper. He literally created until he died.

Matisse also lived through the pandemic of 1919 and kept making art throughout that time. I became curious about other art and literature produced during the 20th century pandemic. Here’s a list:

Children’s Literature:

The Magic of Oz (Oz, #13) 

Rainbow Valley

Further Chronicles of Avonlea

Glinda of Oz

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

By 1921 children’s book releases went from 4 per year to 14. Sounds like the people were craving more imagination in their lives!

So what will you create in 2020? You still have three months to make your mark on a year that desperately needs some sunshine!

I hope this post inspires you to remember it a’int over ’til it’s over! Whether big or small, I know you have something in you to flip the script on this fresh new decade.