Incorporating Book Illustration in Art Class

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This week in art we are focusing on book creation and illustration. We did some “Eclectic Emily” inspired projects and read Sally Lloyd Jones’ book “Look I Wrote a Book (and you can, too)!” (LOVE THIS BOOK!)

Upper School students are writing and illustrating their own stories this week as well.

My Middle School kids have all the confidence in the world in my book release. (They act like I’m the next J.K. Rowling). I’m enjoying their enthusiasm and hoping to inspire them to create, too.

This lap book project is a free download with the purchase of the book.
The construction paper craft tutorial also comes with the book.
Coloring sheets are included as well!

Tomorrow I’m doing a weaving project with 2nd grade to create a textile version of “Emily’s” dress. This project will also be included.