The Day is Here: I’m Launching My First Book into the World!

There I sat signing books, my cheerleaders by my side. They are the ones who give me courage.

I thought back to all of the dreamer conversations that I had at the dinner table with my family growing up and how thinking outside the box was always encouraged.

I’ve also had many conversations with Zach over the years about my desire to write a book. He never wavered in his support of me pursing anything that would help me reach my goal. My kids always believed in me, too!

I thought about you, my readers, and that first post I made in May that got this ball rolling. I still can’t believe that setting a goal to write one blog post per week would open up the creative door for me to write, illustrate, and publish a book!

Today, is the day “Eclectic Emily” is released into the wider world. It’s one thing to write a book, but the harder part is getting it into the hands of those people who need to hear its message.

That’s where you come in.

If you’ve bought a book, please review it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Good Reads.

If you like the book, please share it’s positive message on social media and encourage your friends to purchase it for someone in their life.

You can order your copy here at these fine retailers or you may get a signed book from me.


“Eclectic Emily” Children’s Book – Hard Cover Signed Copy

“Eclectic Emily” is a children’s book about a girl with big dreams, yet she has limitations. Her story is illustrated by events in her childhood that highlight the importance of a persevering spirit. The book celebrates the encouragers in her life who keep her moving forward on a creative path.

17.99 $