The Best Part of Releasing a Book (So Far)

“This is my blessing, do you hear me?” she said on the other end of the line. “My blessing.”

The best part about the last week was the phone call from my 7th grade teacher responding to my book dedicated in part to her.

Early proof of this particular 2 page spread.

Every early morning hour spent planning, writing, and illustrating “Eclectic Emily” was worth it just for that phone call alone. Talking to her felt like being touched by heaven just as it did sitting in her class as a twelve year old.

She is my blessing as have been so many others who have shared that the book means something to them in some way or that their child wants to read it again and again.

These moments don’t come along every day so I’ve been taking some time to soak them in.

Authors, teachers, and artists aren’t rich in the financial sense, but are infinitely wealthy in many unseen ways. I have chosen to live the life of all three so I’m thrice blessed to live benefitting from the joys of my work.

Who has influenced you in your life that you could reach out to today? Who could you not just tell that you love them but show them in a creative way.

You may never write and dedicate a book to them, but I know you could reach them in your own unique way.

People are hungry for kindness and connection as it’s becoming a commodity in our culture.

Shine bright today and look for someone to encourage.