Reflecting on Turning 40: 1981-1991 💗

I’m turning 40 on Saturday and it’s got me reflecting. Each day I’ll post two pics from the start and end of each decade I’ve lived and give you ten memories (one from each year) and the overall theme of each decade for me. Life flies by and I think it’s good to stop and remember where we’ve been to more easily see where we need to be going.


If the decade were a mix tape it would be titled: 💗 Rewind to Dolly, please.

One: Being loved
Two: I discovered I was strong willed
Three: My dad running Rollies (the skating rink)/loving to skate and play skew ball with a never ending bucket of tokens
Four: My sister 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧being born
Five: Going to Kindergarten
Six: Meeting Zach
Seven: Swimming all day at the Family Pool and on Kentucky Lake with my family
Eight: Opryland
Nine: Looking at McCall’s Pattern Books with Grandmama planning my church outfits for the season
Ten: Fun times in Bartlett with Nana – eating free at O’Charley’s before Malco movies