Reflecting on Turning 40: 1991-2001

If the second decade of my life were a dubbed CD it would be titled: F•R•I•E•N•D•S! Cue the Rembrandt’s!

I’m turning 40 on Saturday and it’s got me reflecting. Each day I’ll post two pics from the start and end of each decade I’ve lived and give you ten memories off of the top of my head (one from each year) and the overall theme of each decade for me. Life flies by and I believe we have to reflect on where we’ve been to see where we need to be going.

1991-2001 (that first outfit and my accessories tho – I will own that I chose every bit of it and it’s 💯 color loving/outside of the box me 😂)

Ten: Gave my heart to Jesus and began following Him.

Eleven: I loved to make audio tapes with my friends for fun (lots of giggles @b_jones5) and we’d call radio stations to win contests and make requests.

Twelve: I have the sweetest group of friends and we make the best memories. L.A.K.E. (If you know you know @ajacollins and @kristincmathis) I also enjoyed lots of Saturday drives with mom and Caroline to Oak Court Mall for shopping and looking days. Fun car rides and FM100!

Thirteen: I go to New York for the first time and never get over that city. I spend much of my life wondering if I should have moved there.

Fourteen: I want to look like the models in Seventeen Magazine, but realize that I’m not going to grow past 5’1. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I set my sights on being behind the camera instead.

Fifteen: Zach asked me to be his girlfriend. 🥰

Sixteen: My grandparents pulled off an epic surprise and bought me a new red Honda Civic. 🚘

Seventeen: My best friend went to heaven. My faith in God is strengthened as I lean fully in Him to get through.

Eighteen: Goodbye, CHS. 💜💛Hello, Ole Miss! ❤️💙It was bittersweet saying goodbye to old friends and hello to new ones, but choosing Ole Miss was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Nineteen: I declare my major in Art because I think “Zach is going pro so I don’t need to make much money.” 🤣

Twenty: Living in the Theta house with my sorority sisters and enjoying Ms. Betty’s cooking and smiles everyday will always be a highlight of my life. Those were the days and helped me to overcome my shyness.

Stay tuned for the Aughts tomorrow! 😃