Reflecting on Turning 40: 2001-2011

If my third decade were an iTunes playlist it would be titled: Dreams Come True (Cue the Cranberries 🎶)

I’m turning 40 on Saturday and it’s got me reflecting. Each day I’ll post two pics from the start and end of each decade I’ve lived and give you ten memories off of the top of my head (one from each year) and the overall theme of each decade for me. Life flies by and I believe we have to reflect on where we’ve been to see where we need to be going.

Twenty: 9/11. I got baptized with my dad and we joined Bellevue.

Twenty-One: Went to New York with @grandandmaple to see ground zero first hand.

Twenty-Two: I graduated, got engaged, and started my first graphic design job.

Twenty-Three: The happiest day of my life was the day I married Zach.

Twenty-Four: Living at 313 with Zach was a dream come true: picket fence, church bells and all.

Twenty-Five: We went to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Twenty-Six: I quit my job to be a full time photographer.

Twenty-Seven: I read through the Bible for the first time.

Twenty-Eight: I have my first baby, a boy (today’s his birthday- HBD Jonah P Cook!🎉)

Twenty-Nine: I write about all of this on a mommy blog.

Stay tuned for the twenty-teens tomorrow!