The Story I’ll Tell

We walked into the worship center yesterday for the first time in almost a year. My oldest got teary eyed, my middle child expressed how much she’d missed everything about this place, my youngest couldn’t wait to get her sermon notes, and we held hands looking at each other knowingly that the hardest thing about these harder times we’ve been going through is being separated from our church family because of [C*V]. But God has never left us.

Then Audrey sang a song I’ve never heard before and it’s what my heart has felt about these 40 years filled with all of those moments I shared with you last week (and the ones I didn’t).

God has carried me through. He’s been the wind beneath my sails and put these loving people all around me to lead me on His path.

Life is hard sometimes, I won’t ever understand it all, but God is good. “He’s been my portion when there wasn’t enough.” He’ll be yours, too. Just talk to Him and seek His help.

“But I know
That over the years
I’ll look back on this moment
And see your hand on it
And know You were here

And I’ll testify of the battles You’ve won
How You were my portion when there wasn’t enough
And I’ll testify of the seas that we crossed
The waters You parted, the waves that I walked”

From Katie Majors blog last week:

And I think of Ezra who has to pause his work on the wall for 15 years, and Peter and John, imprisoned and beaten and mocked, and Jesus hungry and Eve distraught over the loss of her son and all of them praising God anyway.

And what if that is His desire for us in all our failures and our mess-ups. In all the times that things do not go as we had planned or hoped, when we loved the person who never did change, when we cleaned up the messes and no one said thank you, when we did the hard thing for no one’s approval, when there really was no wind in our sails, but we did it anyway. I think that kind of faithfulness might be the bravest kind of brave.

When we look around and it all feels utterly bleak, when sin is crouching and Satan is tempting and suffering is stifling, when we feel we couldn’t possibly praise God for our current circumstance, we praise Him anyway. We praise Him for who He is. We praise Him because He loves us, no matter how many times we mess up. We praise Him because He will not leave or forsake us, not matter how hard this turns out or how badly this things ends. We praise Him because no ending here is ever truly the end when we know we have eternity with Him.

Have a wonder-filled week,