What I know to be True: He Will be with You

But Jesus spoke to them at once, “Don’t be afraid.” He said. “Take courage!” I am here.

Someone asked me recently what the scariest thing I ever faced was. Their eyes told me that they were about to face something difficult, too.

I swallowed hard, went though the Rolodex of tragedies in my mind, and chose suddenly losing my best friend at seventeen.

Mind you, this was just a week after having just faced the end of a hurricane of a trial with Paige’s cancer. I was experiencing fresh grief.

The words began to roll off of my tongue that when I was so young I’d never walked through losing someone before and I didn’t know firsthand how the power of God would carry me through.

I told her she’d be stronger for whatever she was about to face. And that knowing God was near will give her the courage to face the hard things that come at her in life.

I was able to endure trials after seventeen and encourage others that they could persevere, too, because I had experienced God’s peace and provision.

Whatever you are facing today, know you don’t face it alone. He is with you in the storm and will bring you to the other side.

This is what I know to be true.