Art, Rhythm, and Soul

When I was in the fourth grade I took piano lessons. I’ve never been that musically inclined, but my mom thought I should try it to see if I had any interest.

Each lesson I’d walk in and sit on the piano bench. My teacher would ask me to play what I had been assigned the week before, but I never could do it until I heard her play the whole piece all together.

There was something about seeing her hands on the keys and hearing the notes played to completion that made it click in my head.

I made more musical progress this way.

I didn’t stick with music long, because art came more naturally for me. Though I didn’t need my art teacher to draw the whole drawing step by step because I had this ability of seeing it in my mind and translating it from my pencil to the page.

Earlier this week when I was teaching my own class of art students I remembered how I couldn’t play the song without hearing the whole piece first and I thought to myself, some of these kids can’t see the big picture either and need me to show them from start to finish before I give them the step by step.

Our drawings were much better this week.

How can I apply this to my soul and my spiritual life?

Just like my little artists, we can’t see the big picture either and need God to show us His word from start to finish so we can see His will and His way.

Before I read through the Bible cover to cover all I could hear in a sermon or Bible study was what was in my notes or what came from the preacher’s mouth. I’d often tune out because it just didn’t make sense to me.

When I read scripture in it’s entirety broken down into historical and chronological eras my eyes began to open to so much truth.

I just didn’t see the world the same way anymore.

Jesus says in Mark 13:14 “let the reader understand.” There’s a reason for that, a context clue to the mystery He was revealing.

When we devote ourselves to studying His story day by day, He rewards us by giving us eyes to see and ears to hear Him, know His will, and understand the times in which we are living.

I’ll always recommend this resource as it’s been a great foundation for me: