A Mama Testimony to Moms of Preschoolers

Parents of preschoolers squirming in pews, be encouraged. They are watching and they are listening.

He’s been trying to take notes at church since he was so little he could barely hold down the theatre seat in the sanctuary. He wanted to be like his dad, writing down the words that Bro. Steve said.

My stomach would be in knots as he got frustrated and asked me to spell certain words. His hand writing couldn’t keep up with the words on the screen and I’d worry we were disturbing those around us. Yet he was determined and for a couple of years there I missed most of the message helping him get down the points on paper.

He’s now twelve and is breezing through his advanced Bible class at school. Last week his teacher remarked that what set him apart was his ability to take notes in class.

All those anxious Mama moments with a persistent pre-k boy with his pencil in hand paid off. You just never know what’s going to stick or going to grow in them, but God promised His word would…and it did.