If You Can’t Find Good News, Make Some

Good Morning and Happy Spring!

Fifty-one books will be delivered to classrooms and libraries in Tipton County when “Goodnight Covington” is released in May thanks to blog readers like you! I have loved working with my community to make good news!

I’m super excited about that and about releasing the book!

Why It Matters That You Pre-Order

Today’s the last day to preorder my new book. Thanks to all of you who preordered. It helps me to determine how much inventory to order to ensure there will be enough books available on release days in our local bookstore and my site. I’m trying to keep this one sold exclusively local to help our local retailers. Order Here.

I’ve learned so much this year as I’ve donned the hats of author, illustrator, graphic designer, agent, publisher, marketing guru, and book distributor.

It takes a lot to self publish, but it’s been something fun and happy to focus on.

Thank you again, to all of you who have ordered so far. If you’d like to join the crowd and ensure that your book is ready to ship on release day, order today. Love ya! 💛🌛🌟