Testify Series: Day 3

John 2:1-25

Today we’ll look at the Wedding at Cana of Galilee. Jesus’ mother Mary tells Him there is no more wine at the reception. Jesus replies “My time has not come.”

Mary insists. So, he proceeds to turn jars of water into wine. The crowd thinks the bridegroom saved the best wine for last. This gave two positive outcomes, Jesus saves the reputation of the bridegroom’s family and the disciples believed in Him.

Can’t you just feel the joy and excitement in today’s reading as you imagine the disciples witnessing the first miracle? 

Map: Elizabeth Wade Studio

Next Jesus traveled to Capernaum with his mother Mary, his brother, the disciples. It was near Passover which is an Old Testament tradition that points towards the Messiah, the blood of an innocent lamb is shed on behalf of the guilty. 

Many pilgrims came to this area of the world for this season, yet money changers at the temple were price gauging and taking advantage of the travelers. The Old Testament prophesies about Jesus saying “the passion for God’s house will consume me” (Psalm 69:9) and that day this prophesy came to be. Jesus rebuked the money changers and turned over the tables in the synagogue displaying a righteous anger. 

He then foretells His death in verse nineteen, yet His followers couldn’t quite understand. After he was raised from the dead his disciples remembered back to this statement. 

Don’t you know the word was spreading throughout this part of the world of what had happened at the wedding and at the temple? That must be why people began to gather as Jesus did many more miracles and showed them the sin their hearts. 

He drew them in with His kindness, rebuked the sin of the religious leaders, healed their diseases and offered salvation for their souls. 

Has He been kind to you? Has He convicted you of sin? Has He saved your soul?

Testify. There are others out there who long to hear the good news you possess within your heart.