Testify Series: Day 15

John 8:21-30

In today’s reading John begins to point to His abiding way displaying His full submission to God the Father’s will in Jesus’ words and actions.

He again prophesies His death and theirs warning them that unless they believe in Him they will die in their sin.

He tells them when they see Him on the cross they “will know “I Am” He” pointing to His diety.

Many believed because of His testimony.

We see Him in action, in full submission to God. We see Him opening His mouth warning of coming judgement of those who do not believe. We see Him pointing back to the Old Testament using the same name God used with Abraham, “I Am” to describe Himself. We see the salvation of souls because of these three things.

  1. Today, let’s focus on remaining in Christ through God’s Word and His will.

2. Let’s pray for opportunities to retell the good news of the gospel with those who are perishing apart from Jesus.

3. Let’s ask God to allow us to recall scripture to share with others who we are in contact with daily who need us to point them to Jesus. It may be a believer who is struggling or a lost soul who needs us to point them to The Way.

Until next time…

Go forth and testify!