The Power of a Goal

One year ago today as I launched this blog I wrote these words in this post encouraging you and me both to set half year goals.

So, this year, my June goal is to show up for you and write one post every Tuesday and send out one newsletter per month. I’ll also share three instagram posts each week…that tie back in with the weekly blog topic. I hope you’ll engage and interact with me there so we can build a little community of encouragement over this next year.

June 1, 2020

Today in God’s Providence, I walked into our local library for the first time as a two time published author to read a the first indoor Storytime since the pandemic began.

I signed books and met sweet families. My kids, who once upon a time never missed a library Story-time, got to help me get set up at the event.

Today as I type there have been 95 posts written, monthly newsletters sent, 2 children’s books launched, and one devotional on the gospel of John on its way to to being completed.

That’s the power of a goal with faith in God backing it up. I honestly didn’t think I’d stick with one post per week yet God had bigger plans than that and gave me the creative energy to see these projects through.

I’d say once again, if you told me a year ago I’d be sitting here today writing this to you, I’d sheepishly grin, bow my head in embarrassment and giggle “yeah right!”

My goal setting process worked. God has been answering my prayers left and right. There has been so much joy in this journey!

What are you dreaming of today? Re-read my post from last year. Make some notes. Pray about it and get to work. I believe in you!

More “Goodnight Covington” books are being delivered today to Agape, Persnickety, Something Special, and Liberty Vintage in Covington. You can also order on the here if you live out of town.