Testify Series: Day 22

Big Idea: The Anointed and Appointed One washes the Disciples’ feet giving them a picture of how they are to become servant leaders.

At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry at Cana of Galilee He told his mother His hour had not yet come. In today’s passage, John 13:1-30, Jesus knew that his hour had come to leave this world and return to His father.

Here we see a word picture of the last supper with the main portion of today’s reading focusing on Jesus washing the disciples feet.

I find it interesting that we just read about Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with oil while He sat at the table and today we see Jesus washing the disciples feet at the table.

You see Jesus had walked in this world and never sinned. His feet were washed with oil because He is the Anointed and Appointed One.

The disciples, born sinners, had put their faith in Jesus, so their feet were washed with water by the Anointed One, their Savior.

The feet remind us of walking and what had Jesus been telling them all through out the gospel of John, follow me, follow me, follow me. So, Jesus took on the job of a servant, the lowest job of the household staff, and washed the disciple’s feet.

All of the cults and other religions have a god who seeks to serve himself and be served. Jesus is the only one who came to seek and to serve His followers and inspiring them to do the same. He cares for us.

He was troubled and exclaimed, “One of you will betray me!” Then proceeds to say “It is the one to whom I give the bread I did in the bowl.” Judas took the bread and ate it and Satan entered him, Jesus then telling him to hurry in doing what he was going to do.

The disciples were still confused. Peter didn’t understand why Jesus was washing his feet, Jesus explains that He is there Teacher and Lord and for them to follow His example, washing other’s feet.

There’s much to ponder in this passage. I keep hearing the words of Psalm 23 as I read the book of John and picture Jesus’ ministry.

May goodness and mercy follow you today.