Testify Series: Day 25

John 15:1-27

God’s word prunes and purifies us when we heed it. Let’s start our day meditating on the best thing we could, the words of Jesus.

How do we abide in Christ? Obey His commandments.

How do we know what those are? Live by prayer and in the Word to be reminded by the Holy Spirit every day.

How do we live the victorious Christian life overcoming our flesh and sin? Through the power of His Holy Spirit submit to His will and His way and we will be able to love others as Christ did. The lives of people surrendered to Christ will be evidenced by their lives producing the fruit of the Spirit. If we are His and we are not overflowing these qualities, conviction of sin will follow along with repentance.

How do we love like Jesus loves? He loved us as the Father loved Him. When we remain in Jesus’ love we are able to pass His love onto others flowing from this truth, “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8 Hurt people hurt people. Loved people, love people.

At the end of today’s reading Jesus promises the Advocate–the Spirit of Truth–who will come from the Father testifying all about Jesus. Then he commands you and me:

So I am challenged today to abide in Christ by obeying His word starting with the ones right here in John 15:27. What has Jesus done for me that I can share with someone today? What has Jesus done for you? In order to abide in Christ and produce much fruit we must open our mouths and let the Spirit flow out to a world who needs the truth, love, and encouragement so desperately.

Go forth and testify!