Trading Something Lesser for Something Better

My workspace today.

When I’m well I can conquer the world, when I’m not I can’t even conquer the laundry. Anemia is my Achilles heel. When this happens to me I have to pray and decide what I need to let go of to heal.

Sometimes I have to let go of something lesser for something better to develop.

Once I let those thing(s) go and rest (at different seasons I’ve fasted from different things), it never fails that in time joy returns and creativity blooms.

When ideas come to me it’s the same feeling as Christmas morning or falling in love or seeing a great friend who you haven’t seen in a while. Butterflies still surprise me with wonder when I encounter them fluttering about on my bike rides and the surprise of a new artistic spark is a similar wonder-filled moment.

Right now I have 3 ideas, all connected, but not the same. One is achievable, one will stretch me, and one is a long shot, yet none of them are impossible.

These are the things that wake me up in the morning. Instead of worry, excitement and fresh ideas meet me each day with the hope of adding progress to these new projects.

As we enter into a season that may cause us to be at home a little more than we’d like with more down time (🙋🏼‍♀️ currently), I encourage you to unplug and find that one thing that helps you remember why God put you here in this time, in this place. Then put your specific talents into action.

I don’t know what specific struggles you are having or what you are being led to let go of, but I know God doesn’t want fear to rob us of our purpose.

Press on. You were made to create!

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  1. Shannon says:

    Perfectly said.


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