Mid-Century Modern and Me

When I stay home for an extended period of time [like this pandemic limbo we’re in], I start looking at rooms in our home as blank canvases.

Pinterest boards are started, then once overflowing, broken down into smaller niches so I can see what I’m really leaning towards more heavily color and style wise.

I’ve used The Nester’s methods a lot during this season taking pieces I already have and using them in another space.

This Summer I’ve been cleaning out unneeded items upstairs and making a girls hangout room for my tween to have a space for her friends and my littlest girl to have a Barbie hangout. It’s worked out nicely using furnishings and decor we already had on hand.

I moved the office to a corner of what will be our media room. Now I need comfortable seating for that room. I’m considering moving our family room furniture upstairs and revamping our den in mid-century boho.

Mid-Century Modern was popular when my Grandparents were starting their families. My Grandmother, like me, redecorated a lot so she didn’t hang on to those pieces. (I inherited her traditional pieces which work so well in our formal rooms).

So, now I’m on the hunt for some vintage or reproduction pieces to start my own collection.

What sparked my interest in Mid-Century is three fold. One, after teaching through the famous artists last year at school I realized I was drawn most to the art and colors of that period. Two, I think the times we are living in make me long for the nostalgia of that time and my family who lived in it. (Plus I watched a lot of “Jetsons” and “Brady Bunch” as a kid). Three, we are living in the future that designers of that era designed towards and I want my family room to reflect that as well as my artistic spirit and love of color.

Once afraid of committing to such a bold change of style, I’m becoming less fearful to make the change since I know it’s what I like and not a trend. I also love that you can mix in traditional elements with mid-century for an eclectic feel.

Here are the three boards I’m using for inspiration:

Mid-Century Colorful:


Mid-Century Neutral

Traditional Colorful


Joy bird

Fabric Inspo

Johnson’s Fabric

Amazon Finds

Do you have a period of art or design that you are drawn to?