On Music & Writing

Her relationship with the piano is like mine with writing.

No one asks her to practice yet every day she tickles those black and white keys as I type on my laptop keyboard.

Sometimes I ask, “What’s the name of that piece?” She’ll reply, “I made it up.” Other times it sounds like noise just as my writing resonates at times and other times falls flat.

But nothing deters either of us from practicing, a little here, a little there. She twirls through the room after breakfast and her fingers glide across the keys on the way to brush her teeth just as I put the pen to paper in the few minutes after my morning coffee.

Bit by bit, day by day, a little here, a little there, these little joys of ours make our lives full.

She’s had to miss lessons the last two weeks and last night she sincerely said, “I miss piano so much, I can’t live without it!”

Next week her teacher will assign a new piece, she’ll come home and it will sound familiar but choppy, but after a week or so, it comes together beautifully.

That’s how writing is for me. First an idea, then thoughts about that idea to sort and organize in my mind, then a skeleton of a piece takes shape in my notebook and the details begin to fall into place and I can share a bit with you.

I love that we’ve both found something that brings joy everyday. It’s a gift God gives that no one can ever take away and never gets old. #onwriting