Perseverance Wins in the End

I had to proof over my file at work this week and my transcript from Ole Miss was there. I glanced over the classes I took and shook my head at several C’s I made in Art classes. I remembered the discouragement I felt that I would never be as good as my peers.

Then I recalled my first day as a graphic designer when I almost didn’t make the cut to the second day because I was so inexperienced. I left crying way after dark as it took me that long to finish an overdue project.

Yet I was determined to put in the time to be a working artist and my love for the creative kept me pressing forward.

I read the quote (featured in the graphic above) yesterday and it made so much sense in light of my trip down memory lane.

It made me want to encourage you to not give up on your goals, even if you are not the best at what you do.

Are you called to it? Are you passionate about it? Continuing to practice everyday over a long period of time will take you where you want to be,

Perseverance, not always talent alone, wins.