The Song Goes On

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
-Chinese Proverb

The birds are singing, the church bells ringing,

The world is turning, the towers burning,

Something constant in the midst of the horror,

Keeping me calm witnessing so much pain,

Agony on their faces tells the tale,

Thinking back to when I was just a girl,

When the troubles of the world seemed so far,

The waging of wars were on distant shores,

And tides of turmoil not turning our way,

We felt protected, never suspected

Terror would strike our land yet one day,

Our innocence was stripped when gates breached,

Enemy hands reached us filled with such hate,

We let our guard down and every city,

Every town woke to a new place that morn,

Since that fateful Tuesday it’s been one pain

After another like an expectant,

Mother in agonizing labor,

As the birds kept their song we kept singing 

Along cause that’s what Americans do,

As smoke filled blue skies a piece of us died,

Though heartbroken we pushed ourselves through,

Fueled by prayer, grit and eloquent speeches, 

Voiced by presidents, prophets and preachers,

We were left to process collective grief,

“Never forget” our banner passing through, 

From one generation to another.

©Emily Peyton Cook 2021

Made of Broken Pieces, the NY skyline in front of the American Flag,
a Collaborative Collage by my Lower School Students this Week in Memory of 9/11.