My New Devotional Study is Now Available


“Longing for His Appearing: Words for Watching and Waiting” is a 5 day Study + Prayer guide about finding understanding and purpose in the overwhelmingly confusing season we are living.

Illustrated by the truth of scripture, I write to highlight the importance of walking by faith even in the midst of an uncertain future. The booklet encourages believers to look at the days we are living in with fresh, not fearful eyes while sensing the urgency of the grace period that has been given for us to share the gospel before Jesus returns.

As a witnessing tool, this resource also calls out to to those seeking truth to find and follow the path of Jesus.

The time is short, the enemy is loud, it’s time for Christians to stand on and speak up for truth. The world needs the light of the church to find it’s way back home.

Music: Canva, “Blizzards”


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Encouragement + Evangelism

I created this booklet so that I would have something on hand when I’m out and about to give to people who are talking about the times we are living it. It’s a reminder of truth for the believer and a way to get the truth of the gospel to the non-believer.

Example: You hear someone at work worried about what’s going on in the world, “Oh, I have something my friend wrote that I want to share with you. It was a great encouragement to me.” Then if they read it and have questions, it will give you an open door to plant seeds in their life or to encourage their faith.


I intentionally created it short and sweet because I know we are bombarded with information each day. Even if you’re not an avid reader, you will love this one page of reading and one page of response in prayer. There are no scriptures to look up (I have them all there for you), and there are no theological answers to look up, only reflection and prayer to help you see how God is leading you.

The purpose of this booklet is to read + reflect + pray + pass on.

Emily Cook is an author of encouragement for both adults and children, including “Eclectic Emily,” “Goodnight Covington,” and “Longing for His Appearing: Words for Watching and Waiting” her debut devotional study guide. When not writing, she can be found teaching K-12 Art, spending time with her family, or behind a camera.

Emily and her husband Zach have a passion to disciple the next generation and encourage other believers in their faith. She writes weekly to cultivate faith, family, and creativity here at