Gathering Glimpses

I heard a story of someone recently who knows they will eventually be blind. They look at the world trying to memorize what they see so when they lo longer have sight, they’ll have a picture in their mind.

Their story made me want to be more intentionally thankful for the beauty I see all around me.

I found myself wanting to soak in and savor all of the glimpses of the beauty of life.

This week as Autumn has slowly unfurled, that urgency hit my heart again to open my eyes wide and take it in. As much as I try, my camera can’t capture the true wonder of it all.

Autumn this year has reminded me of those first few years of motherhood when i just wanted to stop time because I knew it wouldn’t always be like that. They are little for a moment and then it’s quickly family history.

That’s why I took thousands of pictures trying to make time freeze so I’d never forget how great it was to have those six tiny feet toddling around my house and piling in my lap everyday.

Autumn fades into Winter. Toddlerhood fades into busy school years, yet I carry the memory of it all in the picture album of my heart.

So don’t forget to slow down today and gather the glimpses you see of the beauty in your life.

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  1. Beautifully written. A great reminder! ❤️❤️❤️

    Love you, Scarlet



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