Setting Daily Joy Goals

I’m all over the place if I don’t set daily goals. I used to call it a to-do list, but that felt like it hung over my head instead of inspiring me.

If I don’t make myself intentionally prioritize things that bring me joy, no doubt I’ll spend my time chasing a rabbit hole on Instagram or YouTube on whatever topic is interesting me that day.

This joy goal making keeps me going so that on the normal days my life seems more than just laundry, meals, and dishes. I lay down more fulfilled for having spent my day off doing simple things I love. Whatever is secondary I keep on tomorrow’s goal list.

Here were today’s goals:

If you’re like me and just a little ADD, I thought this visual system might help you bring a little more focused joy to your daily life, too.

On workdays my joy goals are usually one thing per day because of time, but it still gives me something to mark the day when I get a free moment and keeps me from defaulting to browsing on my phone.

Mini joy goals are also how I publish books within 30 days while working full time. Here’s my brain map for success. You can break down your dream goals this way, too, one “bite” at a time.

Look up,