Today I’m Looking At…

January 1, 2022

Today I’m looking at my Bible that is falling apart, so my life is not supposed to be, right?

Even though 2021 was rocky at times my family’s foundation remained sure because Jesus is the cornerstone and the common ground who holds us together.

Today I begin again in Genesis attempting to read through God’s story one more time if His mercy allows.

What will He teach me this year in word and in deed?

Last year I learned right there on page 2 that work came before the fall of man and earth was made for mankind to cultivate. There’s joy to be found in work as we sow seeds and reap the benefits.

Our families, like a garden need tending to as well. The work of a mother and father is never done, but there’s much reward in the long game if we don’t grow weary in doing good.

Our marriages and families start out as seedlings that need nurturing so they can develop deep roots. Harvest doesn’t happen over night and growth sometimes only shows over the span of years.

Much patience is needed for work, the earthly kind or the familial.

On page three I learned that God chose unlikely people to bring forth His Son into the world, unperfected, yet redeemed by faith in the Messiah.

Yet, I can’t live on last year’s words. He has new mercies and a new message for me every morning! Will I have hands to receive, ears to hear, and the courage to share?

Reading the Bible matters in the short term and the long.

I’ll see the same truths this year that were there last but see them slant as God’s taken me further down the road. After all His word is living and active (Hebrews 4:12).

Just like today while reading after seeing an uptick in Nasa coverage on how scientists are trying to see the beginning of the universe with the James Webb telescope, I read Genesis a little more carefully, leaning more on God’s words and less on man’s understanding.

Here’s what I saw:

The earth was formless, empty, and dark, just like an unregenerate soul before the Holy Spirit indwells. God spoke and then comes light, separation, a land (or life) to cultivate, living water to grow, vegetation to enjoy and to share, and seeds to reproduce. A gospel picture right there in Creation!

In the times we live, deception will come in various ways, so opening the truth every morning and allowing God to strengthen you so that you can be grounded in the faith is of utmost importance.

Will you join me in 2022 to read through the Bible cover to cover? My friends have enjoyed this podcast to accompany their reading. I am going to check it out this year.

I personally use the NLT One Year Bible because I love getting the Old, New, Psalms, and Proverbs every day. But I highly recommend a Chronological plan if you’ve never read through the Bible. It makes so much more sense when you see the broad overview of the larger narrative.