This Week in the Bible Highlights: Made to Cultivate

We were made to work with joy, planting seeds and reaping what we sowed. After the fall this became more difficult to do. The work and joyful plans of a mother might be interrupted by children waking up sick, breaking up arguments between children, bandaging boo-boos, disciplining things that don’t align with God’s word, and having to balance work outside of the home to make ends meet. All of this came from the fall. The gospel gives us a way to find joy in work again, working as for the Lord and not for men.

On day two we read about the first murder, Eve’s son Cain taking the life of her other son, Able, all because he couldn’t control his anger. As a culture we are chronically fearful which may be the cause of the rising crime rates we are seeing.

As a mom, it’s so important that we ask God to help us master the list of things above, learn to use our words, and help our kids to do the same. Holy Spirit, give us self-control.

I wrote a post about this day earlier this week. You can find it here.

In today’s reading I was reminded of the connection from the Old to the New Testament with prophesy coming alive as Jesus walked in Galilee.

This day’s reading made me ask myself a question. “Have you ever seen a candle light itself? Why no I haven’t!” Therefore I cannot produce any light without Christ dwelling with my heart. I also thought about the burning bush, how no one lit the bush, but it burned on its own, because God, the source of light, made it happen.

One word: Inspiring.

How many times have I leaned on my own understanding, regretted it, and resented the outcome? The cure for living without regret in our lives and the lives of our children is to walk in close fellowship with God, seeking Him first, leaning on Him to help us when we fail.

Have you adopted a One Year Reading plan? This is my 14th year to attempt to read through the Bible. I’ve completed my goal some years, and other years I haven’t, but one thing has remained the same, the thought of reading God’s word gets me out of bed each morning.

I hope your week has been wonderful.

Look up,