A Mother’s Devotion

I recently joined my friend, Mallory, on her podcast “Faithful 31 Moms” to discuss how Hannah leaned on the Lord to answer her prayers and once He answered, she was faithful to dedicate her child right back to Him. Our conversation led us to discovering some ways we can apply her story to our own lives as mothers.

Faithful 31 Moms offers a weekly podcast for moms with real life interviews and devotionals that are relatable and rooted in the unwavering truth of God’s Word. We want to encourage moms to remain faithful in the everyday things life brings, so they can plant seeds of faithfulness into their children. Faithful 31 Moms is a partner of Love Worth Finding Ministries founded by Pastor Adrian Rogers. https://faithful31moms.com You can listen to the podcast here.

Hannah dedicated those young years to nurturing Samuel, knowing her time with him was short. She was devoted to him, asking to stay home with him until he was weaned. Three years or so later, she took Samuel to the temple keeping her vow to give him to God.

The story of Samuel proves this truth that its never too early for a child to be taught to follow the Lord. Trained up in the temple, he shows us that Hannah’s vision and prayer for him was fulfilled as we see him following God in prayer and listening to His voice.

She has full confidence in God to take care of Samuel because He answered her prayer in such a direct way. What He called her to, He will lead her through.

The prayers prayed by a redeemed mother are the prayers that change the world.

He has also called us as moms, not to fear the world our children are growing up in, but to know that His will supersedes it all! Our prayers for our children are eternal and the seeds we plant for the Lord in their lives will bear fruit in time. Through our missteps and theirs there is opportunity to point them back to God and His word knowing our prayers are not in vain.

Do you have  a vision for your children? As mothers, we have the power in our hands to shape the next generation for eternity and we shouldn’t take that responsibility lightly.

We are not perfect, but by His grace God has personally given me vision for each one of my children, even from the womb, that I am to lead them to be His image bearers reflecting His character and training their feet to take the gospel with them everywhere they go reproducing more image bearers in His Name.

We must focus our time and attention, not on the material things of this world, but the spiritual, moral and character building principles that make great men and women of the faith.

Living with vision changes our decisions, our commitments, our lifestyles. This may cause our families to make different choices than other families, but when follow and obey God’s word, He can do more than we could ever ask or think. This empowers us to do things we never thought we could do or would do. It causes us not to care what people think, because we are working as unto the Lord.

Raising our children with a vision cannot and must not be done alone. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide, God’s word to be your inspiration, and His sacrificial love to be your motivation. Whatever He calls you to do as a mother, He has equipped you for.

I don’t want to raise good children, but godly ones. I don’t want to live in fear, expecting them to fail, but in faith, empowering them with God’s truth to live this life with victory. I desire for them to keep a short account of wrongs with God and man, always listening to His voice, being led by His Spirit, in a state of repentance and sanctification. I want the fruit of self-control to be evident in their lives through their actions and their choices. This can only be accomplished through prayer.

I pray this post and this podcast will be an encouragement to you. We hope you can take away something to use in your own walk with the Lord as you raise up your children for His glory.

Have a wonderful day,