Be Faithful in the Little Things

In 2011 God placed a big vision on my heart and mind that began in my prayer life. He was calling me to share the gospel with women and children outside of the walls of our church.

At the time I was an extremely shy mom of a newborn and a two year old who feared public speaking more than anything! So as you can imagine I wondered how in the world I could be obedient to His call.

Yet God was faithful to give me enough light and provision for the next step. A large community women’s Bible study began, led by my friend, Lori, and out of it came “Jesus Storytime,” led mostly by my husband and my friends. You can learn more about what God did with that in this video.

When these ministries ran their natural course, serving their purpose for these seasons, I knew God wasn’t through with His purpose for my life. The vision would continue, but some days there were twists and turns and I couldn’t see where He was taking me.

“If you are faithful in the little things, you will be faithful in the large ones.”

Luke 16:10

His calling on my life has landed me assisting a small preschool class at church, leading small group studies, assistant teaching 4th grade at church, teaching pre-k at a Christian school, to now teaching Art to every student at our Christian school.

When my principal approached me about leading chapel on Easter week, I immediately said, “Yes!” an answer that would have terrified me to say 11 years ago. Speak on a microphone in front of the whole lower school? My stomach would have been in knots.

So, yesterday it was not lost on me that what God started in my heart in 2011, prepared me for calmly and completely at peace, picking up that mic to confidently share the gospel with a gym full of teachers and students. He gets all of the glory for leading me somewhere I never would have gone on my own and equipping me to obey Him.

My girls led the singing, I shared the Easter story, the kids were quiet and attentive, and it brought so much joy to my heart to share Jesus!

Over dinner (on the square where our ministry started) as I recounted the day to my husband, I told him my only regret was that I couldn’t tell them more about Jesus. He’s too wonderful to boil down into a few words!

So, I want to ask you, what is He leading you to do outside of your comfort zone? What is He calling you to do that seems bigger than you? What is He asking if you that only He can do through you?

I encourage you to take that next step, because it is the pathway to JOY!

“Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all.”

This Good Friday may we all remember what He did on our behalf to pay the price for our sin. Without Jesus we would be without hope.