Read. Reflect. Rejoice! in the Word of God

Have I ever told you my favorite Psalm of all? It’s actually the longest chapter in the Bible and all about the benefits of loving God’s Word.

John Ruskin the Victorian era writer, philosopher, and art critic who had a crisis of faith (later returning to Christianity) said of Psalm 119:

It is strange that of all the pieces of the Bible which my mother taught me, that which cost me the most to learn, and which was to my childish mind the most repulsive – Psalm 119 – has now become of all the most precious to me in its overflowing and glorious passion of love for the Law of God.

John Ruskin

Margaret Ruskin, an evangelical Christian, taught her son to read the Bible from front to back, then beginning again memorizing large portions along the way. Learning God’s word this way had an influence on his adult writing career. He wrote:

“She read alternate verses with me, watching at first, every intonation of my voice, and correcting the false ones, till she made me understand the verse, if within my reach, rightly and energetically.”

John Ruskin

Do you want your kids to have a love for God’s word? Did you know it can start with you? Do you struggle to find the time and desire to daily read, reflect, and rejoice in what God is teaching you through your Bible reading?

I’ve been there! Ask God to wake you up and give you an excitement for His Word He will be faithful to answer and your children will thank you for it later.