Psalm 119 for Kids

I’ve been busy working on free resources to go along with “Adventure to Joy!” I just completed six lesson plans (for Sunday school or biblical integrated lessons) and a printable of 10 fun facts about Psalm 119 that can springboard spiritual conversations or additional lesson ideas. Scripture memory verse cards that you can cut out are also included with these lessons.

The hardcover proof of the book arrived today and it looks great! The official release date is September 20, but to receive a signed copy, pre-orders are due before Sept. 6. You can order your copy below.

As I’ve been writing this book and studying the text in depth, I’ve realized that the Psalmist isn’t so much trying to persuade us to love God’s word but instead he can’t keep quiet about telling us how much he’s come to love it. His enthusiasm is contagious! I heard a preacher say last week that God has done so much for us we shouldn’t be able to stay quiet. An authentic sharing of our faith comes from the overflow of a life of loving Him.

I hope and pray that this book will give kids an age appropriate understanding of Psalm 119 and the illustrations will remind them that God’s way is the best way.