Big Things Come from Small Changes

Years ago I saw an ad in the church bulletin for a discipleship group that was reading through the Bible in a year.

It was 2008, we were thinking about having children and I thought to myself, “I better learn the Bible before I become a mom!”

At that time I couldn’t tell you where most characters were in what book of the Bible much less the redemptive thread that ran from Genesis to Revelation.

Book dedicated to…

So, I bought the green Bible, showed up to class and that led to my daily Bible reading practice. The love I developed for God’s word changed the trajectory of my life from that point.

Big things come from small changes.

Learning and falling in love with the Bible would eventually lead to a career change and the writing/illustrating of a children’s book, but before that I just gained confidence to say “Yes!” to things God was calling me to that I wouldn’t have had the courage to do before.

I learned to hear His voice by reading scripture and gained courage from seeing how faithful He was throughout history.

I began writing a faith blog that led to a women’s and children’s ministry that led to homeschooling my preschoolers, to then teaching preschool at a church school, to teaching biblically based art full time and writing a book about Psalm 119, the Psalm about loving God’s word!

I would have never guessed in 1,000 years when I opened that green Bible it would lead to my life taking all of those turns, but that’s what God’s word can do!

Has learning the truth been transformational for you, too! It’s something wonderful to reflect on for sure.

That’s why I want to read it, share it, and hope you’ll fall in love with it, too, and do the same.

I wrote “Adventure to Joy” one morning after reading my Bible. It was so powerful to me I wanted a yard sign so everyone could read it! I googled and my search came up empty. Then I began searching for a children’s book about the Psalm and there were not many appealing choices.

I decided I should write and illustrate one. I hope that this book will spark a love for God’s word in the hearts of your children. It releases widely on 9/20, but if you want a signed copy, pre-order before 9/6.

Pre-Order your signed copy by clicking here.


  1. Dawn Sneed says:

    My sweet Emily, I am fixing to turn 70 and I have never read the Bible through. I just ordered the Green Book (Bible). Blessing to you and family. Sorry about Ms. Dot. Much love and I know your children books are wonderful ❤️


    1. Thank you! ❤️ You will love the green Bible! I highly recommend this website to accompany your readings:


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