Children’s Devotional Picture Book Now Available!

“What is joy?” I asked my students. “Happiness!” one child said. “Smiling all of your life!” answered another. “Excitement!” exclaimed another. “My parents say joy is a deep happiness.” the last student declared.

“All good answers, but there’s one more thing about joy that makes it different than happiness.” I added. “What makes you happy and me happy may be different. Happiness is dependent on your circumstances. Joy, however, is shared. It overflows! A special kind of joy comes from the Lord when the Holy Spirit lives in our heart. Joy is the Fruit of the Spirit!” I shared.

“That’s what Psalm 119 is all about, the joy that comes from following the Lord and living in His Word. Jesus is the way to joy and when our eyes are on Him and He lives in our hearts we can’t keep that joy to ourselves!” I said.

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This theme is what inspired my latest children’s book, “Adventure to Joy: A Journey Through Psalm 119.” I wanted to share my love of God’s Word and this particular Psalm with children who love picture books.


How to use my new book in the classroom, Sunday School, or at home with your children

  1. Read it to them like a traditional book.
  2. Use it like a children’s daily devotional, reading it a page or two at a time and discussing the meaning of each page.

Try to get them to read (or listen to you read), reflect on what was read, and rejoice in what they can be thankful. The dialogue I wrote at the beginning of this post is a great example of a back and forth conversation that could take place on page one of my book.

3. Scan the QR code in the back of the book to download additional object lessons, scripture memory cards, Bible art, and lesson plan ideas to help you disciple your children or students using this book.

Demonstrating soaking in God’s Word daily instead of just looking at it from time to time.

I pray that “Adventure to Joy” will be a great resource to those who read it or share it. May a love for God’s Word will grow from the seeds that are planted!

Emily Cook