Little Blessings

When you release a book into the world you never know what will come of it. My first book represented my personal story, my second the story of my town, and the one that releases tomorrow is the story of my faith.

When I hear stories of little girls who relate with “Eclectic Emily” it puts a smile on my face. When I am told that grandparents buy “Goodnight Covington” for their out of town grandchildren and use it as a map to show them around the city, my heart is warmed.

These are blessings I never expected when I started this publishing journey in 2020. But it’s part of the promise I made to you in those early days of this IG account to create good things to share with you here. Authoring and illustrating doesn’t pay much, but the blessings I get from the readers are priceless!

Tomorrow is launch day for “Adventure to Joy” so bear with me as I try to get the word out and share the blessing of another book with whoever would want to read it.