Do you warn your kids when they go to the beach to make note of your umbrella color, condo building, or other landmark, so that when they inevitably wash down the beach with the tide they won’t walk to shore lost?

Last year when we were there I sat up from my book startled at the frantic cry of a father searching for his three year old. They were hot, sweaty and had been running down the beach looking for her.

We all stood up and began to help. Then all of the sudden you see a little preschooler run towards him, sand kicking up behind her little feet and he fell to his knees and embraced her so exasperated yet full of joy that he’d found her safe.

She didn’t intentionally wander away from her family, she just got disoriented and ended up somewhere she didn’t belong.

Why do I continue to read through this book each year? Why do I get up early on my day off to get myself and my family dressed for church each Sunday? It’s to reorient myself with God’s truth.

There are so many voices and ideas, some that on the surface sound really good, coming at us and our kids each week. Although we may not want to be of this world we are immersed in it and if we’re not careful we can be just like that little girl on the beach, unintentionally washed down the shore from the truth.

At church we get to gather with a body of believers who join us in song declaring who God is and who He says we are.

We hear from the pulpit the Word of God that the Holy Spirit wants us to remember each week.

Daily as we seek God through worship and the Word we are refreshed and renewed to keep our eyes on that fixed point of Jesus and not be lost in the riptide of our hectic lives.

Today is the first day of a New Year and a Sunday! This will be my 14th year to start reading through the Bible and I’m switching back to the chronological version I originally started with again this year. My old one was worn out so I’m excited to crack open this new copy today.

I hope you’ll join me in starting a Bible reading plan and if you’ve been out of church or never started, today’s a good day to begin!

Happy New Year!