I am a Tennessee native and am married to my high school sweetheart. We have three kids and are in a season of helping them become who they are meant to be.

Reinventing myself each decade of my life I enjoyed being a Graphic Designer in my 20’s, a Professional Photographer in my 30’s and now an Art Teacher and Author in my 40’s.

Writing is a passion of mine and encouraging you is a delight. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for more.

We were made for something more. I’m here with a mega phone saying “We can do this.” Let’s let go of the negativity that can drag us down look at life through a new lens so we can enjoy the lives God imagined for us.

As a professional photographer, I discovered beauty in the most unlikely of places. I love bringing that light to my readers with my words as I view life through the lens of faith. I try to post my perspective on the world here once a week.

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Fun Things About Me

I value faith, family, and not taking one day for granted. We’ve been thrown some curve balls that put in perspective the brevity of life. We seize the day at our house!

We learn from our mistakes, ask forgiveness, show grace, press on towards our goals, and look at the big picture with God’s Kingdom in mind.

I love New York and have found I watch a lot of walking tours on youtube since the pandemic started. I miss traveling to the city so much!

I love riding my bike (when it’s warm outside), coffee and Gilmore Girls after school, and my weekly Sonic cherry coke.

I’m a sponge when it comes to learning and mastering new things and passing what I’m gleaning on to others.

The biggest surprise of 2020 (besides a global pandemic) was that I gave up my longtime career in photography to teach art to Pre-k-9th graders. I also surprised myself by publishing my first children’s book with a second on the way!

Art is therapeutic to me, daily prayer and Bible reading is my lifeline, and my husband and kids bring me the most joy.

Professional Life