“Goodnight Covington” Book Reading and Signing 5/8

Join me at Agape on Saturday, May 8, 2021 to be the first to hear me read “Goodnight Covington.” Pre-orders will be available for pickup and we will have copies available for purchase.

I can’t wait to see you there! I’d love it if you’d help me spread the word. 🌛🌟💙

If You Can’t Find Good News, Make Some

Good Morning and Happy Spring!

Fifty-one books will be delivered to classrooms and libraries in Tipton County when “Goodnight Covington” is released in May thanks to blog readers like you! I have loved working with my community to make good news!

I’m super excited about that and about releasing the book!

Why It Matters That You Pre-Order

Today’s the last day to preorder my new book. Thanks to all of you who preordered. It helps me to determine how much inventory to order to ensure there will be enough books available on release days in our local bookstore and my site. I’m trying to keep this one sold exclusively local to help our local retailers. Order Here.

I’ve learned so much this year as I’ve donned the hats of author, illustrator, graphic designer, agent, publisher, marketing guru, and book distributor.

It takes a lot to self publish, but it’s been something fun and happy to focus on.

Thank you again, to all of you who have ordered so far. If you’d like to join the crowd and ensure that your book is ready to ship on release day, order today. Love ya! 💛🌛🌟

Share Your Memories of Covington

There are 18 scenes from Covington in the book. Can you guess which ones? Name your favorite place or landmark in Covington and share a memory in the comments. ⬇️

I’ll start with the Ruffin. I remember seeing “Peter Pan” at the Ruffin when I was a little girl and being amazed!

The building was so charming and I would be mesmerized by the shapes and lights on the walls before the show started. It was fun to see my friends from school at the play and wave to them from across the aisle. Sweet memories. 💜 You share yours. Preorder here before 3/30 to ensure you get a signed copy on release day.

The “Yes” Snowball

My friend Lori used to challenge me with the statement, you never know what will happen on the other side of “yes” when you give a “Yes!” to God.

My first “yes” during that season was to homeschool Jonah during his PreK year. I prayed so hard about this. I had a passion for early literacy and wanted to be the one to teach him to read.

Days after I made that decision, I was called to a meeting with my Pastor’s wife about her vision for a new program she wanted to start called “Arise to Read” that emphasized helping 2nd graders master their sight words by mobilizing volunteers from churches to assist. I knew right then I wanted to volunteer. “Yes!” Sign me up!

A couple of years later we had a community meeting about getting an Arise to Read program in our local elementary school. For a little bit I was discouraged because it didn’t look like we had the support to make it happen, but my home church FUMC stepped up and stepped in and Arise to Read made its way into CIAA.

For 2 years I volunteered alongside the kindest people to help the students with their reading. I got the biggest blessing meeting them and spending time with them each week. God used their sweet spirits to lead me in a new direction.

One year later I heard there was an opening for a teacher at our preschool. I jumped at the opportunity. By then, all of my kids were in school, I’d helped them with early literacy and I wanted to help more kids.

The “Yes snowball” kept rolling. I taught pre-k for 2 years and then the art teacher position opened up. I said “Yes” to an interview, then “Yes!” to the job and now I’m assured this will be my career…unless God asks of me another “Yes.”

The question I ask myself is would I have had the ability to write and illustrate books for kids if I didn’t first say “yes” to homeschooling which led to volunteering which led to teaching half days which led to teaching art to pre-k through high school which gave me the space in my day and creative spark to write again?

Order “Eclectic Emily” here.

You never know what’s on the other side of “Yes!” Tonight I’ll be reading my book “Eclectic Emily” at 7:00 for Arise to Read on their Facebook page. I hope you’ll be able to join me!

Buy 1 + Give 1 Update

You have blown me away with the “Goodnight Covington” books donated so far:

-1 to the libraries of CIAA, Crestview, TCA, Austin Peay

-1 to each K teacher at CIAA, TCA, Crestview, and Austin Peay

-1 to each Pre-K teacher at Crestview, CIAA, TCA, and Austin Peayto each Headstart teacher

1- to each Headstart teacher

-1 to CHS CDC

-1 to Munford Elementary

If you want to help me continue to donate books to local schools, you can find out more here. Our next goal is to supply individual students with books to take home through AR store or rewards programs.

Order “Goodnight Covington” Here

Meet my new book…

My goal in writing “Goodnight Covington” was to bring the essence of Covington to the pages of a book that children and parents would be inspired to read. It’s the only book available about Covington for kids. If you love Covington, too, I’d love it if you’d help me get the word out about the book. You can purchase the book locally at Something Special, Persnickety, and Liberty Vintage Marketplace or order a signed copy here.

Order your copy here!

Goodnight Covington (Shipped)

Signed Hard Cover Copy


Download a free coloring sheet here.

What people are saying about “Goodnight Covington.”

Whether you have small kids or not, if you love Covington, you’ve got to get this sweet book! Emily Cook, you’ve done an amazing job! Congratulations!

Chris Richardson

The copies I bought have been shared and the faces of delight when they received this precious book are a cherished memory for me. Thank you for following your heart🦋

Lessie Fisher

More books by Emily…

Emily’s first book “Eclectic Emily” can be purchased here. (affiliate link)

What people are saying about “Eclectic Emily”

I bought this book for my friend’s daughter for her birthday! I loved looking through it before I gave it to her. It is beautifully illustrated and has such a positive, encouraging message about embracing and cultivating your uniqueness and creativity. I was thrilled to see paper dolls and a glossary included, what a fun and also important gift!

Amazon Review

My New Devotional Study is available on Amazon.

Purchase Here: https://amzn.to/3CUCYRy (affilate link)

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The Best Part of Releasing a Book (So Far)

“This is my blessing, do you hear me?” she said on the other end of the line. “My blessing.”

The best part about the last week was the phone call from my 7th grade teacher responding to my book dedicated in part to her.

Early proof of this particular 2 page spread.

Every early morning hour spent planning, writing, and illustrating “Eclectic Emily” was worth it just for that phone call alone. Talking to her felt like being touched by heaven just as it did sitting in her class as a twelve year old.

She is my blessing as have been so many others who have shared that the book means something to them in some way or that their child wants to read it again and again.

These moments don’t come along every day so I’ve been taking some time to soak them in.

Authors, teachers, and artists aren’t rich in the financial sense, but are infinitely wealthy in many unseen ways. I have chosen to live the life of all three so I’m thrice blessed to live benefitting from the joys of my work.

Who has influenced you in your life that you could reach out to today? Who could you not just tell that you love them but show them in a creative way.

You may never write and dedicate a book to them, but I know you could reach them in your own unique way.

People are hungry for kindness and connection as it’s becoming a commodity in our culture.

Shine bright today and look for someone to encourage.

The Day is Here: I’m Launching My First Book into the World!

There I sat signing books, my cheerleaders by my side. They are the ones who give me courage.

I thought back to all of the dreamer conversations that I had at the dinner table with my family growing up and how thinking outside the box was always encouraged.

I’ve also had many conversations with Zach over the years about my desire to write a book. He never wavered in his support of me pursing anything that would help me reach my goal. My kids always believed in me, too!

I thought about you, my readers, and that first post I made in May that got this ball rolling. I still can’t believe that setting a goal to write one blog post per week would open up the creative door for me to write, illustrate, and publish a book!

Today, is the day “Eclectic Emily” is released into the wider world. It’s one thing to write a book, but the harder part is getting it into the hands of those people who need to hear its message.

That’s where you come in.

If you’ve bought a book, please review it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Good Reads.

If you like the book, please share it’s positive message on social media and encourage your friends to purchase it for someone in their life.

You can order your copy here at these fine retailers or you may get a signed book from me.


“Eclectic Emily” Children’s Book – Hard Cover Signed Copy

“Eclectic Emily” is a children’s book about a girl with big dreams, yet she has limitations. Her story is illustrated by events in her childhood that highlight the importance of a persevering spirit. The book celebrates the encouragers in her life who keep her moving forward on a creative path.

17.99 $

“Eclectic Emily” Children’s Book Now Available!

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Order your ebook, hardcover, or softcover copy at Amazon or at Barnes and Noble.
Signed copies are available at the top of this post.

Books Available Locally at:

• Something Special, Covington
• The Neighborhood Tutor, Atoka
• Jennifer Hamblin’s Salon