Eclectic Emily Extras

Additional Paper Doll Clothes
Coloring Sheet
Coloring Sheet
The Lap Book includes a writing/drawing prompts, story sequencing, and a story elements sheet for a reading comprehension assessment. Use the coloring sheet cut out or make the construction paper craft to adorn the top of your file folder lap book to finish off this project that helps the student grow in literacy and in art.

Complimentary enrichment resources anyone who was inspired by the book. Have fun exploring your creativity!

Extra Paper Doll Clothes
Construction Paper Craft Template
To draw the face, put a half circle in the middle for the nose, almond shapes for the eyes, circles in the middle and arches for the brows. The mouth is two side ways “S’s” joined together.
Textile Craft
“Eclectic Emily” intentionally introduces new and advanced vocabulary words to expand the reader’s word bank. A vocabulary match game was created to help the reader learn the new words and definitions.