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Bringing imagination to life, I am a multi-talented creator with a passion for children’s literature. From authoring and illustrating original works to navigating the publishing process and marketing my creations, I have a proven track record of success in the children’s book industry.

“Eclectic Emily”

Eclectic Emily is a children’s book about a girl with big dreams, yet she has limitations. Her story is illustrated by events in her childhood that highlight the importance of a persevering spirit. The book celebrates the encouragers in her life who keep her moving forward on a creative path. Paper dolls are included! I took this project from idea to completion, and publication to marketing.

“Goodnight Covington”

Goodnight Covington is a children’s bedtime story that celebrates what makes small town life so beautiful. You’ll take a journey through the book saying “goodnight” to all of the local faces and places that are so familiar and beloved. Original watercolor artwork with soothing colors and peaceful illustrations bring the charming town to life. I took this project from idea to completion, and publication to marketing.

“Adventure to Joy”

Do you want to be joyful? Psalm 119 shows us the way! In this vibrantly illustrated picture book, Adventure to Joy, readers are led on a path to find the Source of true joy, Jesus! This book encourages children to practice reading, reflecting, and rejoicing in God’s word and shares the tools to inspire them to dig into the Bible on their own! I took this project from idea to completion, and publication to marketing.

Digital & Print Marketing

Leveraging a unique blend of creative vision and technical expertise, I bring to life captivating marketing campaigns for my photography business, art camps, and children’s books. From managing my own social media to blogging and developing my WordPress website, I specialize in all aspects of digital and print marketing. Whether crafting compelling digital content or designing eye-catching print materials, I consistently deliver results that engage, educate, and inspire.


IG: @epc_photography
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Building a successful business from the ground up, I am a creative entrepreneur with a passion for photography. My eye for color, lighting, and composition, combined with my enthusiasm have made me the trusted choice for families seeking timeless memories captured through the lens. With a strong focus on organization and efficiency, I excel at setting daily goals, managing client accounts, files, and schedules to consistently exceed client proof and print deadlines.

Christian Art Education

IG: @artwithmrsemily
Adapting to new challenges and opportunities with ease, I have seamlessly transitioned from a successful career in photography and graphic design to a passionate pursuit of Christian art education. My diverse skill set, creative vision, and technical expertise equip me to inspire and educate the next generation of artists while passing on a biblical worldview in the process.


IG: @emilypeytoncook
Blog: emilypeytoncook.com/blog
I’m expert in converting my words into sales through social media posts and blog writing. I have had success using my writing to sell books, grow my photography business, and be an encouraging voice in the process. I’m ready to put my writing skills to work for your brand!

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